About Us



Guest & Gray have been trading in Oriental porcelain and other early ceramics for many years, in the course of which we have acquired hundreds of long-standing customers, including many serious collectors and museums both here in Europe, the United States as well as the rest of the world.

Our emphasis has been on Chinese porcelain, Japanese porcelain and European pottery; oriental porcelain because of its superb designs and quality, and European pottery for its warmth and charm. On occasion we are able to offer for sale early Meissen as well as the porcelains of other European factories.

anthony_160x180Anthony Gray has spent over forty years dealing in antique ceramics and believes that in general for antique ceramics to be attractive the decoration or glaze has to be harmonious, the shape balanced and tactile, and the colours and decoration have to suit the shape. His areas of interest encompass Chinese and Japanese porcelain and other early ceramics – Oriental porcelain because of its superb designs and quality, and European pottery for its warmth, charm and often excellent decoration.




Louise GuestLouise Guest’s original long-term career was cataloguing and auctioneering antiquarian books for one of the three largest auction houses in the world. She gave up being the head of the book department to get involved with early ceramics and Chinese porcelain in particular. After many years of experience in handling ceramics she has acquired an aesthetic appreciation and knowledge of ceramics that many of our customers set great store by. In addition to her enthusiasm for Chinese porcelain she appreciates early Dutch delft, Italian maiolica and the originality of some of the early Japanese porcelain.




10014114_10152507974979340_2875994920824942998_oDilara Suleymangil is very visually aware with strong opinions about the aesthetics of everything that she comes across. Her passion for Islamic art and ceramics encourages her understanding of Chinese ceramics which for the most part are very different in character. Energy, self-discipline and creativity combined with an entrepreneurial spirit make her a pleasure to work with. Her background is in medieval history and she has a masters in Islamic and Asian Art. She also speaks Turkish, which can be of use to some of our customers.



SigSig Au, a consultant for Guest and Gray based in Hong Kong, is a rare person who is incapable of being abrasive; good manners, modesty and patience are just three of her many virtues. She sets a high standard of behaviour and is very popular with all our customers- nothing is too much trouble. She has a degree in accounting and finance and over the time she has been with Guest and Gray she has acquired an interest in Chinese ceramics and has been extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with Chinese customers whose command of English is limited.



We feel that our combined experience and expertise makes us an invaluable contact for collectors of antique ceramics and fellow members of the trade.