Dated Pieces Of 17th Century – Chinese Porcelain


These images of Chinese porcelain were taken from the Seventeenth-Century Chinese Porcelain from the Butler Family Collection catalogue of part of the very famous Butler family collection which is devoted primarily to seventeenth century Chinese porcelain and in particular to the Shunzhi period (1644-1661). Several of the pieces of Chinese porcelain were originally purchased from us. We are hoping that Sir Michael will in the near future permit us to publish on our site an article devoted to the Kangxi period and the stylistic changes that took place during this very long period.

Listed below are the various museum publications devoted to this famous collection of Chinese porcelain.

  • Seventeenth-Century Chinese Porcelain from the Butler Family Collection- Butler, Sir Michael; Medley, Margaret & Little, Stephen.
  • Chinese Porcelain, The Transitional Period 1620-1683, The Michael Butler Collection-Butler, Michael.
  • Chinese Porcelain- Butler, Michael; Harrison, Barbara.

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