Chinese blue and white jar, Kangxi (1662-1722), decorated with a seated lady and a man in front of a screen with swirling waves and a ribbon, with a servant and attendant, and four standing officials in an open pavillion with a man carrying a textile beside trees issuing from rocks and swirling clouds, the neck decorated with pine, artemisia leaf to the base in a double blue circle, wooden cover, height without lid: 8 1/8in., 20.6cm. Click to see other items from this period.

Chinese sancai pottery model of a Bactrian camel , Tang dynasty (618-907), modelled standing four-square with long straight legs on a rectangular base, the head is held up high, the humps surrounded by a blanket splash-glazed in green, amber and white running down the straw-glazed body. Provided with an Oxford Thermoluminescence Test Certificate., Height: 41cm. 16in. Click to see other items from this period.

Chinese famille rose dish, Yongzheng (1723-35), decorated with a European man presenting a basket of flowers to a semi-draped European lady, within gilded mesh and pink octagon borders, interspersed with panels of flowers and gilded scrolls, Provenance: JHR. C. Repelaer Collection no. 198, diameter: 20.5cm., Click to see other items from this period.

Japanese Kakiemon-style flower-shaped dish, circa 1680, painted with a tiger and lion, diameter 31.5cm. Click to see other items from this period.

Chinese wucai baluster jar, Chongzhen (1628-43), decorated with three ladies bearing gifts to seated dignitary, flanked by two ladies holding fans, who is looking at a seated man flanked by a soldier, the shoulder with six moulded lion-head handles on the shoulder, the neck decorated with flowers, base unglazed, height: 11 1/2in. 29.2cm. Click to see other items from this period.

Urbino Istoriato dish, circa 1540, possibly from the Durantino workshop, depicting Marcus Curtius in a golden breast plate with a plumed helmet on horseback, riding across a dark chasm flanked by attendants, inscribed with 'Marco Curzio' to the reverse, diameter: 11in., 27.9cm, Marcus Curtius is a legendary Roman character who bravely sacrificed himself to the god of Hades in order to prevent a deep pit from swallowing Rome. Click to see other items from this period.

Chinese blanc-de-chine teapot , 17th century, in the shape of a melon. Click to see other items from this period.

Japanese Gold ground lacquer Kodansu, Meiji period (1868-1912) of rectangular shape, depicting scenes from the Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji) by Murasaki Shikibu, each face decorated with a continuous pavilion landscape with pine trees and diverse shrubs, white metal handle, hinges and lockplate, internally with green brocade decorated drawers, dimensions: 10.7cm. by 11.7cm. by 8.7cm. Click to see other items from this period.

Chinese famille verte brush pot, Kangxi (1662-1722), decorated with two ladies in a fenced garden by a table observing a small  boy, the other side with a fan-shaped vignette containing a landscape scene above a rectangle with a scholar seated in a fenced garden, height: 5 5/8in. 14.3cm. Click to see other items from this period.

Pair of Chinese blue and white vases, Kangxi (1662-1722) of a Venetian glass form, the neck and body decorated with floral sprays, the flared neck with further flowers and birds in branches, with highly decorative pierced handles all in a bright cobalt blue; height: 24.8cm, 9 3/4in. Click to see other items from this period.

We have been established for over 40 years and are widely known for our expertise in antique ceramics. Our stock of over 1000 pieces of antique ceramics and porcelain consists primarily of antique Chinese porcelain and works of art from the Han dynasty through to the Qing dynasty. We particularly specialise in Kangxi blue and white porcelain, and have a large collection of Japanese porcelain, Meissen Italian maiolica, antique Dutch delft and pottery of all kinds from most European countries including Germany, Spain (Hispano Moresque) and France. We also have a few Middle Eastern pieces such as Iznik tiles. Our price range is £50 to £50,000. Unlike many of our competitors we publish our prices.

We exhibited at the International Ceramic Fair for over twenty years where we sold to a good many museums.

One of our most long-standing customers was Sir Michael Butler whose famous collection of 17th century porcelain is unsurpassed. His catalogues are strongly recommended.

Margaret Medley, one-time curator of the Percival David Collection, produced an annotated bibliography of Chinese ceramics for us which can be seen on our website, and we have since added further reading material to various sections of our catalogue.

If you contact us we are happy to recommend books from our extensive library relating to any early ceramics that are of interest to you, including not only Chinese and Japanese porcelain but also European ceramics and in particular Italian Maiolica and Meissen.

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For an investor with £200,000 or more to invest and some knowledge of the type of material they wish to invest in we offer the opportunity of the investor making recommended purchases on the basis that we will be allowed to resell them on the investor’s behalf. The investor always has ownership until his item/s are sold for an agreed price. For further details please contact us. We make this offer since there are more buying opportunities in antique Chinese and other early ceramics than we have funds to invest.

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