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Over 1000 antique Ceramics Over 200 Years Old

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Antique Jewellery Page 1 Click on the icon of the antique diamond star shape brooch circa 1820, to see a selection of antique jewellery, including brooches and necklaces. For earrings see the section below
Earrings Earrings

There are various claims as to which culture produced the earliest earrings. Some say they were produced by the Persians others say the Greeks, and then again others say by the Egyptians, but a recent archaeological site in China at Xinglongwa in Chifeng city in Inner Mongolia produced earrings which are estimated have been made between 5500 and 6000 BC (i.e. during the Neolithic period). In Egypt, the mummified remains of a man show him wearing earrings and dates from about 3000 BC. In Persia the walls of Persepolis show soldiers wearing earrings (ear plugs) but these walls cannot be older than about 500 BC. There are countless examples in the applied arts and paintings showing earrings being worn from very early times to the present day.

There have been periods when they temporarily went out of fashion, but for most of known humankind history they have been very popular and used in nearly every major civilization. In India for example earrings were used by the Kanphata Yogis, a sect of Saiva ascetics, who split their ears and wore large earrings made of agate or horn. It would be possible to give endless examples of historical depictions of earrings from just about every country. Through the ages earrings were sometimes worn by both sexes; to enhance beauty, often to display wealth, and sometimes as talismans. It is thought that some of our most famous Englishmen such as Shakespeare, Drake and Raleigh used their earrings to demonstrate they were out of the ordinary.
Catalogue > Antique Jewellery

Over 1000 antique Ceramics Over 200 Years Old

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