Good Transitional Beaker Vase with Flared Rim
Henan Black-Glazed Jar, Song/Yuan
Indian Copper Alloy Figure of Vajrasattva, 12th/13th Century
Ivory Figure of a Sage, Late Ming
Korean Celadon Stoneware Oil Bottle, Koryo Dynasty (12th-13th Century)
Kraak Blue and White Charger, Wanli (1573-1619)
Large Chinese Blue and White Kraak Charger
Large Chinese Blue and White Kraak Porselein Jar
Large Chinese Blue and White Sleeve Vase (Rolwagen)
Large Chinese Blue and White Teapot and Cover, Circa 1640
Large Chinese Longquan Celadon Censer, 15th Century
Large Chinese Longquan Celadon Tripod Censer
Large Longquan Celadon Lotus Dish Yuan Dynasty; Heavily-Potted
Late Ming Blue and White Double-Gourd Vase, 16th Century
Longquan Celadon Bowl, Ming (1368-1626)
Longquan Celadon Censer, 14th Century
Longquan Celadon Dish, Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
Longquan Celadon Guan, Yuan/Early Ming, 15th Century
Longquan Celadon Incense Burner, 15th/16th Century
Longquan Celadon Ribbed Dish, Ming Dynasty (1368-1626)
Longquan Celadon Vase, 14th Century, Height: 11.25in.
Longquan Fluted Celadon 'Twin Fish' Dish
Matched Pair of Chinese 'Hatcher Cargo' Blue and White Ovoid
Near Pair of Chinese Blue and White 'Duck' Dishes
Pair of Chinese Wucai Baluster Vases and Covers
Pair of Chinese Wucai Baluster Vases and Covers
Pottery Figure of a Horse, Wei Dynasty (386-534) Sold
Pottery Figure of a Standing Man, Tang Dynasty (618-906)
Qingbai Bowl, Song (960-1279)
Rare Chinese Ewer, Wanli (1573-1619)
Small Chinese Blue and White Ewer
Small Chinese Wucai Baluster Vase, Shunzi (1644-61)
Small Chinese Wucai Sleeve Vase, Chongzheng (1628-43)
Small Jade Figure of a Water Buffalo, Ming
Small Shallow Qingbai Dish with Moulded Decoration
Small Tang (618-907)
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