Rare English Chelsea Octagonal Teabowl, Raised Anchor Period (1749-52)
Meissen Lobed Teabowl and Saucer, Circa 1730
A Chantilly 'Red Dragon' Saucer Dish, C.1740
Worcester Kakiemon Vine Leaf Dessert Dish, 18th Century
Pair of Meissen Porcelain 'Bienenmuster' Soup Plates, Circa 1740
Pair of Meissen Teabowls, C.1722
Bow Blanc De Chine Cup with Crabstock Handle and Saucer, Circa 1752
Meissen Lobed Teabowl, C.1730
Meissen Teabowl, Circa 1740
Meissen Porcelain Figure of a Lady Shepherdess, Circa 1755
Meissen 'Indianische Blumen' Plate, C. 1730
Pair of Meissen Circular Tureens and Covers, Circa 1740
A Worcester Cider Jug, Circa 1753-4, of 'Scratch Cross' Type
Meissen Böttger White Teapot and Cover, Circa 1715
A Meissen Commedia Dell'arte Figure of Il Capitano Spavento, C.1744
German Meissen Model of a Bolognese Hound (Bologner Hund), Late 19th Century
Meissen Tea Caddy, Circa 1740
Bohemian Porcelain Tureen of a Partridge, Made in Chodov
Large Meissen Lobed Dish, Late 18th Century
Meissen Figure of Autumn, 18th Century
Meissen Soup Plate, Circa 1740
Meissen Cup and Saucer, Mid 18th Century
Meissen Cup and Saucer, Mid 18th Century
Meissen Salt of Moulded Form, Circa 1760
Chantilly Egg-Cup with Kakiemon-Inspired Decoration, C.1760
Meissen Leaf-Shaped Saucer Dish, Second Half of 18th Century
Meissen Teabowl and Saucer, C. 1750
Miniature Russian Figure of a Lady
Wedgwood Tri-Colour Jasper Octagonal Medallion, Circa 1790-1800
Circular Wedgwood Blue Jasper Portrait Medallion, 19th Century
Willian Tassie Glass Oval Intaglio
Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Oval Medallion, 19th Century
Aynsley Small Bowl, Small Round Bowl with Spreading Foot
Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Small Circular Plaque, 19th Century
Bow 'Golfer and Caddy' Sauceboat, Circa 1756
Chaffers Liverpool ‘Jumping Boy’ Pattern Teabowl, C.1760
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